The Secrets Of A Successful Communication Plan For Artists

How do you best communicate your messages?

Your marketing and sales goals should drive your communication plan – a plan for who you want to contact, what you want to say, and how you want to contact them. Based on that plan, draw up a schedule of ongoing marketing, sales and engagement activities that put your plan into practice.

Our templates and tips for effective online communication will get you off to a flying start! Any effort that you invest now will pay off quickly through more targeted and effective communication.

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You need to have a general communication plan for spreading the word about your art making on an ongoing basis in order to keep your fan base, customers, donors, advisory board and board members engaged over time. Your goal should be to create more productive relations with these different groups, so that they know what your offerings and projects are and want to share your messages across their own networks.

In addition, you should plan for some highly results-focused communication activities for specific events and programs, like your season and other main events or your year-end fundraising efforts.

Keep in mind that recipients usually need to see your message several times before they are ready to act. Remember to work out your resource requirements, so that you will actually be able to implement your communication plan.

downarrowThe 3 Best Communication Channels for Artists

It is important to remember that each communication needs to be driven by a specific objective. This objective should be encapsulated in a clear call to action that tells your readers what you would like them to do next. Your messages may therefore need to make a distinction between communication for existing fans and customers, and reaching out to new potential patrons. At the same time, your communication needs to highlight your uniqueness with a consistent message and common overall style.

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