Persuasion Tactics Artists Need To Know

Use psychology to persuade people

Persuasion tactics are based on psychological and behavioral insight, and they are used by expert sales and marketing people to great effect. Learn some of their core techniques and apply them yourself.

In the following video, Mark Turrell, CEO of strategy and marketing firm Orcasci, presents select persuasion tactics that help you connect more closely with your fans in terms of the experiences that you offer them as part of a diverse portfolio. You should also use these tactics in your marketing and sales materials to achieve more sales income and donations.

Summary: Persuasion Tactics

  • Offer social experiences
  • Allow people to connect with people
  • Use language to connect with people
  • Use social validation
  • Create a sense of urgency and scarcity
  • Encourage social commitment

1. Applying Persuasion Tactics to Your Portfolio of Offerings

Keep the first three persuasion tactics in mind when crafting the offerings that you make available to your fans and patrons. Diversify your portfolio by adding offerings that are designed to include a strong social component. Provide an interactive and immersive setting with opportunities for your patrons to connect directly with members of your arts organization and with other attendees, and share a stimulating experience with the friends that they bring along. Describe your offerings with language that is meaningful to your patrons and highlights these aspects.

downarrowExample Offering for a Performing Arts Company: ‘Show-Hearsal’

2. Applying Persuasion Tactics to Your Outreach Activities

The use of persuasion tactics can make a big difference to the success of your marketing, sales and engagement efforts. You can implement them in the following way:

  • Foster connections and the spread of your messages via immersive content and accessible language. In your materials, as well as in your ongoing outreach communication (newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), make extensive use of impactful photos, videos, behind-the-scenes footage, and interviews with artists from your company. Combine these visuals with language that resonates with the recipients and allows them to connect with you. This concept of accessible language is particularly important in the wording of your offering descriptions and your sales communication.
  • Use social validation in your materials and on your website, Facebook etc. After every event and gig, remember to collect (see example wording below) and publish testimonials, reviews and referrals, and encourage patrons to share their experiences online and with their friends.
  • The sense of urgency and scarcity is an important psychological driver that can be used to prompt people to take action. In your marketing and sales communication, highlight that there are only a few dates available and that seats or the works that you are selling are limited, or are likely to be going fast. Alternatively, ask the reader to take action by a certain deadline to get special treatment.
  • Encourage social commitment by keeping your fans, donors and board members engaged over time. Invite them to interact with you on a regular basis, because this kind of personal involvement represents an investment that people make in you and your cause. After getting personally involved, people are more receptive when you ask them to visit one of your events or make a donation. This persuasion tactic applies to prospective major customers as well. They are much more likely to make a purchase after they have just been directly exposed to you and your art. You should therefore make sure that your key sponsors, as well as important prospects, experience your art and connect with you at one of your regular events or at a special performance for a select group.

downarrowTemplates: How to Ask for a Testimonial

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