How To Spread The Word Across Social Networks

Use the power of networks to reach more fans and supporters

Extend the reach of your communication at minimal cost by embracing network thinking and designing your content with spreadability in mind. Mark Turrell of Orcasci explains these two groundbreaking concepts and their applicability to the arts world in two short videos.

1. Learn to Use the Power of Networks

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Think of every individual as being part of several networks. Learn to tap into existing networks that you belong to, as well as into other people’s networks. This approach allows you to get in front of many more people than you could do personally or directly, and it helps boost your credibility.

Use our ready-made template to work out a network strategy for yourself or your arts organization. It will help you identify relevant networks, and develop a strategy for communicating with their members and their key influencers.

In the following video, Mark Turrell, CEO of strategy and marketing firm Orcasci, presents his concept of networks and how artists can benefit from them.

Summary: The Power of Networks

  • Formal and informal networks
  • Social media networks
  • Everyone lives in multiple networks
  • Special networks in the case of artists: fans, boards, donors
  • Engage your fans
  • Engage the members of your board and advisory board
  • The internet makes finding and tapping into networks easier
  • Activate networks
  • Nurture your networks
  • Target key influencers

2. Make Your Content Spreadable

In the following video, Mark Turrell explains how you should package the content of your marketing and communication efforts to make it easily spreadable across networks. The 5 key techniques for spreading messages online are expanded upon in the section below.

Summary: How to Make Things Spreadable

  • Include the right behavioral hooks
  • Make people want to spread things
  • Make people feel good about spreading your content
  • Ask people to share explicitly
  • Share in lots of places
  • Humor: make your content fun to share
  • ‘Viral’ spread
  • Virality might boost awareness, but not action
  • Make your content immersive
  • Remember to include a call to action
  • Design your playbills and programs to help their spread
  • Be genuine, interesting, focused on your art
  • Make your content easy to share
  • Provide ‘click to share’ functionality on social networks

3. Key Approaches for Spreading the Word Effectively Online

  1. downarrowShare immersive content (photos and videos)
  2. Post artistic insights, invite guest performers to contribute
  3. Make it very easy for people to resend and repost your communication
  4. Provide polished pre-written emails for your board and advisory board members
  5. Prompt readers with an obvious call to action

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