How To Use The Arts Marketing & Engagement Kit

Choose your way of working with the kit

Depending on your needs, you can treat the kit either as a marketing course for artists or as a set of implementation-focused resources. The content pages contain ready-to-use templates, explanatory text, and examples or videos. You are free to download the templates, and use the content of this site internally in your organization.

Get value from the Arts Marketing & Engagement Kit in one of the following 3 ways:

  • Sign up for a set of weekly emails that step through the kit’s pages.
  • Work through the full content, using the kit as an online course and implementation guide.
  • Pick individual pages from the table of contents that help you address your arts organization’s most important shortcomings.

learn from the arts marketing & engagement kitIdeally you will get started by setting aside several hours each week for 2-3 months for working through the topics to improve your marketing and outreach. To make your arts company truly sustainable, you will then need to devote time and effort to marketing, engagement and sales on an ongoing basis.

Our tips and templates will get you off to a flying start, and you should expect to achieve tangible results even if you begin by focusing on just one or two topics at first.

In which way will you use the Arts Marketing & Engagement Kit?

a) Get introduced to the content by regular mails

Sign up for a set of weekly emails that step through the kit’s pages. Learn from these summary mails, and decide on a case-by-case basis if you want to read the related page on the site and work with the tools and templates. The first mail contains direct links to all the kit’s templates – valuable resources that you will want to get back to in the future.

b) Work through the full kit – “The 20 Day Course”

Ready to aim high? Set a goal of becoming a more successful arts organization by putting together the strategic and planning documents, as well as the materials and processes related to marketing and outreach. To reach this goal, work your way through the kit in the order of the table of contents. Depending on what you have in place already, you should plan to set aside 1-2 days for each item.

Do you find it is easier to do this kind of work in the morning or in the evening? Do you need to work alone or with a team? Book time in your calendar accordingly.

Get started now with the first content page: In A Nutshell

c) Pick individual pages to take action

You are guaranteed to see results from applying our lessons and ready-to-use templates, so don’t be afraid to jump right in and pick an area from the table of contents where you want to achieve improvements right now.

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