How To Engage Fans & Increase Income From Your Art

become more successful in your outreach activities with the arts marketing & engagement kit - art disciplines

Our expert tips, videos and templates can help you:

  • keep your fans, patrons, and board engaged over time
  • get more occasions to present your art
  • create more persuasive marketing
  • raise more income and donations

make more income with the arts marketing & engagement kit - artist disciplines

The Arts Marketing & Engagement Kit is a free resource. It is designed for individual artists, as well as artistic and management leads, who want to make their arts organization more successful financially. Learn how to turn your art of any genre into a sustainable source of funding, while doing more inspiring work via new and more frequent commissions and sales. Make a lasting impact with your art!

Getting Started

The pages of the Arts Marketing & Engagement Kit include explanatory text, videos, examples and – most importantly – ready-made templates. You are free to download the templates and use the content of this site internally in your organization. And don’t forget to share it so that your artist friends benefit from it, too.

How will you benefit most from the kit?

Find out how to use the kit or go straight to the template collection.
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