How To Write A Simple Marketing Plan

Make a marketing plan to reach your arts organization’s goals

A simple marketing plan needs to describe your planned portfolio of offerings, and how you want to position and promote it to your target markets. Your plan should also look at how you intend to put in place the capabilities necessary to achieve this.

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A simple marketing plan contains the following sections:

  1. Planned set of offerings
  2. Positioning of the offerings in your target markets
  3. Planned promotion and outreach approaches
  4. Action plan

Take another look at your strategic plan and its key implications that you have identified in your mission and goals document.
Get ideas from our suggestions regarding how to create good offerings and build a diversified portfolio.
Take into account the techniques for spreading the word across social networks and map out the opportunities of this approach for your organization.
Based on this input, work out a coherent marketing plan and the actions you need to take in order to implement it. Identify appropriate timelines and budget amounts.

Our ready-made template helps you work through the key questions that you need to answer when putting together your marketing plan.

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